Tuesday, May 25, 2010
  Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan (with Pony Poindexter)
After Annie Ross left Lambert, Hendricks and Ross in 1962, she was replaced by Yolande Bavan (1962-64). Before she married Jackie Paris in 1961, Anne Marie Moss replaced Annie Ross in some early 1960s performances. When I saw the Moss-Paris vocal duo perform around 1976, she explained that muffled introductions ("Here's Lambert, Hendricks and Moss") left some audience members thinking they were actually seeing Annie Ross. Click labels for previous LH&R posts.

Come on home,
And be welcome to stay,
Baby, tell me you’re coming home,
Living alone is so lonely,
I never should ever have run you away.
I knew the day we met,
You brought my love alive,
You got me so upset,
I forgot you was really jive.
Still when I took you in,
My heart was ruling me,
Finally I put you out,
Cause you only was foolin’ me.
But if you’re broke again,
And you need a friend,
Come on home.

I know you ain’t no good,
I know you ain’t so bad.
I’d quit you if I could,
But without you I’m going mad.
I’m hopin’ every day,
Maybe you’ll settle down,
Cause I’m in love with you,
And I ain’t ‘bout to turn around.
So if you’re broke again,
And you need a friend,
Come on home.

What are you doin’?
You standing around the corner and meanwhile your home’s gone to ruin,
What are ya, stupid?
There’s many a cat just looking for such as that,
If woman didn’t mean it she’d never be saying it,
Plenty woman wouldn’t take you back if you were bend and down in need, you need to bend down on your knees and tell her really know where it’s at.

Get together, get together,
Get it!
Running, crawling, creeping, stumbling, falling,
Plenty of time for stopping an’ thinking,
While you’re sitting round at home and getting fat and generally playing it cool.
Hurry it up and head for home!
Cos women you’ll find will change their mind,
While you gotta take the time to figure it out,
And tell your baby home is where it’s at.
Figure it out and you’ll get it together.

I figured it out,
Soon as you said it I got it together,
And figured it out;
What am I gonna do?
I’m dying to make it.
Cause lonely nights are terrible, terrible, terrible.
Tired of looking,
Home and cooking,
I go for that, that’s where it’s at.
Got it together and figured it out already,
Got it together and figured out I must eat steady,
Steady with a pot is really better than a hotdog,
Now I’m here with just a sandwich in the sack,
I wanna believe that she’ll take me back,
Now we’ve got another chance to get together.
Nuts with pretending,
What’s with pretending?
I messed around and acted bad,
I lost my pet now my baby’s giving me another chance to get together.

What’s there to talk and talk and talk about?
What’s there to squawk and squawk and squawk about?
You just got to come home.
Man doing what he want to
Spend all of his time staying at home,
Sweet home,
You dig me, pretty baby?
You heard right: come on home,
Mama’s gonna treat you’s though you’ll never roam,
Cause what’s gotta be gotta be…
And you, you’re the only man for me.
I don’t want you to be misled,
I mean what I said.
Come on, come on, come on.

I should thought I was putting you out,
I should thought I was happy you went away,
Putting you down was tearing me up,
That’s the reason I’m calling you home to stay.
Everybody’s gonna tell me I’m a doesn’t matter,
I really truly truly truly truly truly can dig it,
I really and truly truly can dig it,
I really can dig it,
I really can dig it,
I really can dig it,
I really can dig it,
Baby, I’m a dunce, I can believe it,
We don’t love.
But once,
So you see, baby

That people call me dumb,
For making up with you,
But when you go I’m numb
So what else am I gonna do?
Maybe I’ll take you back,
Maybe you’ll do me right,
Tired of lonely days,
And of many a lonely night.
So if you’re broke again,
And you need a friend,
Come on home.

And be welcome to stay,
Baby, tell me you’re coming home,
Living alone is so lonely
I never should ever have run you away.

Baby, come home.

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